Anime Review: Boys Be

Boys Be

Review Boys BeWritten by WarpshadowRating good/ very good

One thing that is very common in anime romance stories is pandering and that can get annoying after a while. Boys be may not be the greatest show out there but at least it doesn't insult your intelligence.

Kyoichi is a quiet artist. Makoto is a self styled playboy who collects information on cute girls. Yoshihiko is a player on the school's baseball team. All three are friends who go to the same high school. As is normal for high school boys they become interested in girls. In particular Kyoichi has started to notice that his childhood friend Chiharu is a girl. Love is a fickle thing though which will leave none of our characters untouched.

Boys be is a 13 episode television show about high school student who fall in love. Despite have a reoccurring cast this is an episodic show with self contained stories. These show is somewhat low key having little in the way of gimmicks that occupy most of the romance for guys. It also manages to squeeze in 11 girls in the show far more deftly and believably than the genre standard. The main reason for this is that the show will focus on a different male character in different episodes rather than have one main male character with friends that exist only for the purpose of making the main character only the second or third biggest loser on the face of the planet. Boys Be is a nice show for those looking to avoid clichés but it might be a bit too laconic for some.

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