Anime Review: W Wish

W Wish

Review W WishWritten by WarpshadowRating fair/ good

At most this is a fluff piece for those into the Moe craze. It could have been worse though.

Junna Tohno is a boy with no parents and large holes in his memory. In fact the only detail that is very clear on is that he has a sister named Senna. Senna is a very adorable girl who loves her brother very much and wishes to be with him forever. One day he meets another girl named Haruhi who is also very affectionate and refers to him as Oni-chan (brother) just like Senna. What is the truth behind this girl and Junna's past?

I have a distinct feeling that W Wish was based off of a dating sim or if it wasn't it resembles adaptations of said games. With only thirteen episodes at only twelve minutes a piece there isn't that much room for a plot. It would have been pointless to take the usual approach and fortunately this show takes the approach of following one story thread to it's conclusion. Even still it is a bit weak especially in the beginning. While there have been worse shows I wouldn't recommend W Wish to anybody who isn't ready for a sizable helping of cute little girls who love their brother oh so much.

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