Anime Review: Elemental Gelade

Elemental Gelade

Review Elemental GeladeWritten by WarpshadowRating good

There are some things that are recurring in anime light the shonen adventure show. It may not be that great but most people don't watch anime for high art.

Cou Van Garret is a young sky pirate. When inspecting the loot from the latest haul he finds a casket containing of all thing a living girl. As could be expected is no ordinary girl but an Eldel Raid. The girl, named Ren, attracts attention from many sources upon awakening as agents Arc Aile try to take her into custody. Cou refuses but before talks could be concluded another group appeared to take Ren by force. When the situation became dire Ren used her special power to combine with someone, in this case Cou, and become a weapon of legendary power.

To put it simply Elemental Gelade is a by the numbers shonen adventure show staring the standard issue spiky haired hero. This show is set in a pseudo modern fantasy world where magic swords and airships mix freely with machine guns and cars. The concept of Eldel Raids is one that is well explored although their prevalence does give little time to flesh out the other aspects of the world. It also makes one sort of wonder why Cou hasn't met an Eldel Raid before since in the show you can hardly swing a cat without hitting one. In many other ways Elemental Gelade galls flats ranging from uninspired fights to a weak female lead. It isn't enough to make this a bad show, just uninspired. The main saving grace of the show is the music which from an energetic opening theme to the Kajiura background music doesn't disappoint. In the end Elemental Gelade is a middle of the road sort of show that doesn't really leave strong impressions.

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