Anime Review: Bastard!


Review Bastard!Written by WarpshadowRating good

While this show is short of an average fantasy fighting comedy Oav, it is a decent way to kill a couple of hours.

Four hundred years ago a cataclysm reduced human civilization to a barbaric fantasy land and the four lords of havoc intend on resurrecting the dark god that would cause a second disaster. Their main obstacle to completing this rask is the need to unlock all four seals that keep the dark god at bay. The residents of Meraricona don't want to see this happen or even to have their kingdom ruined but since they hold one of the seals so they are targeted by the lords of havoc. Their only chance of survival is to resurrect the wizard Dark Schneider that is sealed within a boy. That solution might turnout to be worse than the problem since Dark Schneider was the one who originally assembled the lords of havoc.

Bastard! is an Oav that is utterly dripping with fantasy cliches right down to the beholder (although they call it something else) in episode two. What sets this show apart from most in the genre is that instead of the usual hero Dark Schneider is a jackass with unlimited power who fights bad guys because of his own pride. It may not sound like much but this show is funny when it tries to be, mainly from simply being over the top. While Bastard isn't porn it does have it's fair share of nudity both male and female, even if Dark Schneider's genitalia are artfully hidden. Other than the usual problems associated with condensing a long running manga series into six episodes there is nothing keeping this show from being a decent but mediocre Oav.

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