Anime Review: E's Otherwise

E's Otherwise

Review E's OtherwiseWritten by WarpshadowRating fair

I had trouble coming up with a witty line to begin this review. Then I thought If the writers of the show couldn't be bothered with making a solid show why should I wrack my brain to describe it?

Kai Kudo is a psychic who works for the Ashram, the corporation that controls psychics as a form of repayment for helping his sister. His main function is to keep the peace using his psychic powers. It sounds like a simple life but Kai is something of a pacifist and some say that he naive about the conflict between psychics and normal humans. One of those missions goes haywire and Kai is separated from Ashram giving him the chance to learn about the outside world first hand.

E's Otherwise at first glance looks like an interesting show but looks can be deceiving. To be short what really kills this show is lazy writing. The show is fond of preaching but never really stress tests it's moral values the way good stories do but instead takes the easy way out. Also there is never a good worthwhile change in Kai due to his seperation from Ashram which is a waste, especially given the premise of the show. Often times I felt as this was a show that expected the viewer's brain to be numbed by the bishonen character designs and thus ignore how shallow the show really was. None of this makes E's Otherwise a truly horrible show, it is just enough to make it bland.

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