Anime Review: Code Geass

Code Geass

Review Code GeassWritten by WarpshadowRating very good

Code Geass was licensed less than a week ago and thus I haven't gotten the chance to see all of it. However of what I have seen it is a show that easily plan on watching when it comes out on DVD.

Ten years ago the Britanian Empire Conquered Japan using a revolutionary weapon called the Knightmare frame. Now the country is called Area 11 and it's citizens are living in ghettos. Lelouch is disaffected teenager living in one of the Britanian colonies there who is in truth an exiled Britanian prince. One day he gets caught up in a fight between a resistance group and the occupation forces and meets a mysterious woman. She gives him the power to give people an absolute commands or Geass. In otherwords Lelouch has the weapon he needs to wage a shadow war against Britania.

Code Geass is an action/ fanservice mecha show in the vein of say Gundam Seed, or possibly My Hime. it is important to note that Code Geass has enough originality to it that it will not feel like a knock of either afore mention shows but it's own story entirely. Particularly interesting is the main character Lelouch who despite being the protagonist stretches the definition of what it means to be a hero. The rest of the cast, which is quite sizable, has it's own charming quirks which flesh out the show nicely. Overall this show is a bit of a guilty pleasure but it offer a guilty pleasure function to several different groups of people so I have no reservations to recommending this show to most anime fans.

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