Anime Review: Crusher Joe The Movie

Crusher Joe The Movie

Review Crusher Joe The MovieWritten by WarpshadowRating good

There are hundreds of anime movies available for purchase or rental and Crusher Joe is in the middle of the pack when it comes to them. Only watch it if you are a fairly dedicated anime fan who will probably watch hundreds of anime movies over the course of your life.

One thing that will never change even in the age of space travel is the need for highly skilled trouble shooters. That void is filled by the existence of cursher such as Joe and his crew. The latest job they have scored is escorting a comatose woman to a distant planet so she can receive an operation. The job does smell a bit fishy as the woman could have been transported by normal means if not for some political problems. When Joe and company run into a very strange warp accident things go from fishy to down right suspicious.

The Crusher Joe movie is based off of the seventh in series of novels with little in the way of explanation or back story. However little is needed to be known beyond the fact that Joe and his crew are a ser of rough and tumble adventurers. As it was created in the early eighties the animation is fairly dated but on the other hand the movie is a relic of the age of space operas and those are fun in their own right. The movie does take a while to get going but one it does Crusher Joe is pretty exciting. Even with a good second half Crusher Joe is just another of the many anime movies that are probably best for a rental on a rainy day.

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