Anime Review: Eat Man 98

Eat Man 98

Review Eat Man 98Written by WarpshadowRating poor/ fair

Even though Eat Man is a discontinued anime show I still feel that it is important to review. In this case I will hopefully save you from wasting five bucks on a bargain bin buy.

Bolt Crank is a mna of few words with the reputation of being the world’s greatest mercenary. Even more amazing than his reputation is Bolt Crank’s special power; he has the ability to eat anything, even metal, and regurgitate it form intact from his hand. The work of a mercenary, especially one of Bolt Crank’s Caliber is an ever shifting one where the only constant Is danger.

Eatman 98 is a collection of stand alone stories that have no connection to each other aside from the fact that Bolt Crank has an appearance in them. I use the world appearance because in many of the stories Bolt Crank has only a peripheral role in the plot. Given that the titular character has little in the way of personality or motive that move may make some sense. His power adds little to the show as in many cases he often eats guns that he could easily draw from his trench coat. Given that the show is held together by the barest of threads I would definitely not recommend this show.

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