Anime Review: Best Student Council

Best Student Council

Review Best Student CouncilWritten by WarpshadowRating good

Best Student Council is a quirky but sweet show that is okay but nothing all that special.

Rino Rando is a girl with no one in the world to care for her other than her puppet Puu-Chan. She is traveling to a new live at the Miyagami school for girls. Once there by luck she gains a position on the student council which has an enormous amount of power over the school. She also gains the friendship of the class president the lovely and elegant Kanade Jinguiji. But will it be enough to calm Rino’s feelings of loss over the death of her mother?

There is a small genre of anime detailing the goings on at girls schools that used to be shojo but has started to veer into the shonen genre with addition of fan service. Best Student Council seems to stand at the middle of that spectrum. The school itself is rather beyond belief as best can be described by a line in episode 13 “What kind of dormitory has a self destruct device.” The actual tone of the show is often a lot more subdued and generally more sentimental than what one would expect from a show about a wacky school though. Overall I found Best Student Council to be a fairly good show for those looking for light entertainment with a bit of heart mixed in.

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