Anime Review: Venus Versus Virus

Venus Versus Virus

Review Venus Versus VirusWritten by WarpshadowRating fair/ good

Venus Versus Virus is a show that tries to be a horror slash action show without being all that scary or exciting. I wasnít that pleased.

Sumire Takahana was another normal girl with a normal life until the day she ran into Lucia. With the meeting of the two opens Sumireís eyes to a horrific world where virus, a type of demon that was a human but has had itís sould removed, exist. During that night Sumire also finds that she has a strange berserker power that helps her fight viruses. Until she can recover a semblance of normal life Sumire will have to live with Lucia and help her fight the viruses.

I have been fond of labeling things by genre recently and going with that tradition I would call Venus Versus Virus a action show with a dash of horror. There are several problems with this show most of which boil down to the fact that underneath a thin gothic Lolita veneer this show is almost painfully generic. The action scenes feel by the numbers and almost languid in places. Unfortunately the characters arenít interesting enough to make up for this deficiency either. Sure the two main characters have their issues but even these feel a bit trite at times. Overall Venus Versus Virus is a show that I will not recommend.

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