Anime Review: Black Lagoon

Black Lagoon

Review Black LagoonWritten by WarpshadowRating very good

Rokuro Hachijima was just another office drone with a boring life until the day that he was kidnapped by pirates. While this would be a harrowing experience or a quick death for most people things became much worse when his company disavowed him in order to protect their assets. With no where else to turn he joined up with his kidnappers and began working with them. The question is how long will he survive when he not only has to face down criminals on a daily basis but his cantankerous and very deadly coworker Revy.

One thing I have noticed in the American Anime community is that they really like somewhat dark action filled shows. As Black Lagoon has usually at least one gun fight each episode those people should be quite satisfied with this show. The plot is usually mission centric with storylines usually lasting two or three episodes. While this is a show that runs on adrenaline and an occasionally dash of absurdity it doesn’t mean that the characters are completely left in the dust. Overall I found Black Lagoon to be a good show for watching a hot chick put bullet holes into random thugs, and does it better than most shows that attempt that.

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