Anime Review: Blade Of The Phantom Master

Blade Of The Phantom Master

Review Blade Of The Phantom MasterWritten by WarpshadowRating fair

I find most action movies to be kind of shallow but when the hero of said movie kicks a little less butt than normal the spell that hides the weak parts of the movie is broken leaving all the viewers disappointed.

Once upon a time there were powerful mystical warriors called Amen Osha who kept the peace in the empire of Jushin. The empire has fallen however one Amen Osha remains and he is Moonse. He begins the movie wandering the desert and dying of thirst. Luckly he is saved by a young man named Monlon who is distraught over the capture of his lady friend. However Monlon does not last all that long and is killed by desert cannibals. That leaves Moonse to save her, if he decides that it is worth his trouble.

Blade of the Phantom master is a somewhat by the numbers action movie type of anime show. Yet to call this an average movie of the type would be giving it too much credit. The main reason for this is that several of the action scenes are a bit lacking, having a power that allows you to summon an army doesn’t make for the most badass super power. The characters don’t really make up for this lack being fairly cardboard in their personalities. There is some mention of a larger plot but this looks like it will never be made clear in future movies. Overall this is a movie I do not recommend, even for rentals.

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