Anime Review: Clannad


Review ClannadWritten by WarpshadowRating very good/ Excellent

Clannad is a ren ai game adaptation that creates a slice of life atmosphere in a way which many on the genre aspire to but few succeed. I liked t and I think you might too.

Tomoya Ozakaki was a senior high school student who just drifted through life after his sense of purpose as a basketball player was lost due to a fight with her father which resulted in an injured shoulder. One day he met a girl, Nagisa Furukawa, who said something strange. What she was actually doing was practicing the words to a play, something that she had always dreamed of but could never do because of an illness that made her miss a year of school. After talking a bit Nagisa gets the idea of starting up the theater club once again with Tomoya’s help.

Something I have found that among Ren ai game adaptations is that the combination of Key Games and Kyoto Animation is something that produces shows that rank among the best in the genre. Clannad continues this tradition by being a story that combines the story lines of several girls while maintaining a single solid narrative. Another important comparison to most anime shows of this genre is to point out that this show is neither overly melodramatic or sexuality exploitive as many of it's brethren. This is not to say the show is completely without fault as it has some weak points such as the episodes focusing on Fuuko who acts as the show's resident idiot. Still Clannad is a show that I recommend.

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