Anime Review: Balder Force

Balder Force

Balder Force Exe Written by WarpshadowRating fair

Balder Force is a science fiction action Oav that doesn’t really offer anything all that special to the viewer that they couldn’t find elsewhere.

In the future people log into the internet, or the wired as they call it, physically. There are still hackers but even they conduct hacks by fighting in virtual mecha called simulacrum. Tohru Souma is one such hacker or at least he was until his group was busted by the wired police, FLAK. To avoid a lengthy prison sentence Tohru accepted a deal to join FLAK as one of their counter hackers, even though one of the members of FLAK killed one of his friends when his old group was busted. While on the wired Tohru runs into a strange but adorable girl who treats him like a big brother but where does she fit into the scheme of things?

Balder Force Exe is a four episode Oav (a length similar to a movie) based off of a visual novel. Even though that atmosphere of this oav is very different than your usual dating sim port the Oav is still plastered wall to wall with cute girls. Given the length there is a couple of plot points that feel obviously shaved off for the purposes of running time. On top of that there is the issue of how logical their internet is given that the oavs sports everything from heads exploding from feedback to hackers that have to be fought off once they are detected and identified. While concerns like these may be brushed off the plot and the characters in Balder Force Exe simply aren't good or special enough to make me ignore small annoyances like those mentioned above. This isn't an extremely bad oav but unless you are really bored I suggest watching something else.

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