Anime Review: Bleach Memories of Nobody

Bleach Memories of Nobody

Review Bleach Memories of NobodyWritten by WarpshadowRating good

Bleach is a popular franchise and like any popular franchise it will spawn movies. Like most of movies of this type they are okay but not really good.

Ever since he met Rukia, Ichigo has been drawn into the world of the Soul Reapers. One day while hunting dangerous ghosts called Hollows the two of them run into a flock of white spirits who look like nothing like they have seen before. Before they know what to do they are dispatched by a mysterious Soul Reaper who simply calls herself Sena. With no other information than her name and capricious Rukia tells Ichigo to keep an eye on her while she returns to the Soul Society to get more information. Little does any of them know that Sena's existence could be the key to destruction of two worlds.

Bleach is a popular anime and manga franchise and like many popular franchises it spawns franchise movies. If you have seen a couple of franchise movies you probably know what this is without me having to tell you. If you haven't this is a movie that occurs outside of the manga's continuity and operates something like decent but dull fanfiction or filler episodes. This isn't all that much of a movie but then again most franchise movies aren't either. Unless you want to see Ichigo and his Soul Reaper Friends beat up some filler villains in the last half hour of the movie then I suggest you look elsewhere if you want to see an enjoyable movie.

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