Anime Review: Detroit Metal City

Detroit Metal City

Review Detroit Metal CityWritten by WarpshadowRating good/ very good

If you have a dark sense of humor then an Oav like Detroit Metal City will satisfy your taste for comic blood. Others will just be offended.

Soichi Negishi was a boy from the countryside who came to Tokyo so he could become famous singing fashionable pop songs. Yet five years later he finds that he is the front man of the death metal group Detroit Metal City as the satanic lord Krauser. However his friends, girlfriend and even Negishi himself don't like the death metal band and so Negishi has to hide his role in the group while in public. Can the mild mannered Negishi hide his vile alter ego from associates especially when the Krauser personality has a way of coming out when Negishi is excited.

Detroit Metal City is a dark comedy Oav that is twelve short episodes long. This is a very polarizing Oav, while I found this to be a rather funny Oav but at the same time it is quite offensive. Even though there is one main vein of humor in this Oav enough creativity is applied to keep the jokes from getting too stale and short episode length helps in this regard. While this Oav is certainly not for everyone, especially the squeamish but if you like or at least can tolerate profanity and the like then you may really enjoy Detroit Metal City.

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