Anime Review: Earl and Fairy

Earl and Fairy

Review Earl and FairyWritten by WarpshadowRating good

Earl and Fairy is a pretty decent shoujo anime with a sense of Victorian style. Not one for the ages but a decent watch none the less.

Lydia Carlton was always though of as a strange girl since she not only had an interest in fairies she was also able to see them. One day while she was traveling by boat to meet with her father in London she came across a dashing gentleman who was on the run. His name was Edgar and he claimed that he was a nobleman. There was one catch though, to claim the inheritance of the Blue Knight Earl he will need the expertise of a fairy doctor like Lydia. It sounds like this could be a good opportunity for Lydia to use her skills yet Edgar is a hard man to trust yet at the same time he is very charming, enough to make Lydia quite confused.

Earl and Fairy is a fairly indulgent shoujo series but that doesn’t mean that it is necessarily a bad series. The art style which reflects elegance which includes not only bishonen character designs but also contains the architecture and fashion which makes the Victorian Era so visually appealing. Although there are several handsome men that populate the show the male lead, Edgar, is quite unique among shoujo male leads with his clumsy but seductive manner. The whimsical dialogue is not confined to him though as many of the fairy characters in this show are rather humorous too. However even with this show’s strong points it is till a bit off a niche title and will be best appreciated by girls and those guys that like girly stories.

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