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Episode #62

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We bring you this week an enthusiastic Episode #062 of ASO Radio. We start things with an appetizing review of a classic anime, follow it up with a tasty fanmail segment, and then wash it down with a high-grade video game review in the HotSpot. Enjoy, mon amie!

After such a long delay between Episodes #061 and #062 I bet some of you were starting to get worried about what happened to us. Well since we've been gone we've figured out the golden formula for bringing out regular, fresh Episodes. What does that mean? That means that we are going to flush out our cache of prerecorded Episodes (#062 - #067), bringing you a new show every week for the foreseeable future, and then after #068 all the Episodes are going to be bakery-fresh like a warm, chewy crescent. Onward on forward, friends, to constant weekly Episodes!
"Crest of the Stars" Video Game Review: "Shantae (Game Boy Color)"