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Bandiography: Bandie's Biography Interview

Bandiography: A Portrait of Bandie

ASO Radio Host Nz17: Hello everyone, this is Nz17.

Bandie, Anime Society Otaku's mascot: And this is Bandie.

Nz17: Yes, and as has been long promised, I am finally interviewing Bandie.

Bandie: So then I imagine that a lot of people have been clamoring for an interview with me?

Nz17: No, not exactly.

Bandie: Why?

Nz17: Well, I'm not really sure...

Bandie: Well I'm a very interesting creature! They should be interested in knowing me. After all, how often does one get the chance to interview the great Bandie?

Nz17: A little egotistic there, wouldn't you say, Bandie?

Bandie: Yeah, sorry, but you know, sometimes you feel underappreciated.

Nz17: Yes, I'm sure, but do you think we can get on with the interview?

Bandie: Oh, I see, it's all about you, you, you. I bet that's even why you're leaving the show, isn't it?

Nz17: Exactly. I mean, no, no, that's not it at all. It's just that the show takes up a lot of time and resources to do, and I really want to put a high quality show out, and I don't want my hardware/time restrictions affecting that.

Bandie: See, so it does come down to you, doesn't it?

Nz17: Well, yeah, I suppose. But it is for the good of all!

Bandie: Is that really the truth or do you just assume that ASO Radio's audience would prefer no shows over quality shows?

Nz17: I guess I really am just assuming that. I hope I haven't upset anyone by not actually finding out how he feels.

Bandie: But how does that make you feel personally?

Nz17: Well, kind of sad, and maybe a little insecure.

Bandie: I'm sure that they do appreciate your efforts, though, Nz17, and that everyone that listens to the show understand your situation, and how you strive to give them the best you can with the limited resources available to you.

Nz17: Yeah, that's true. You know, you're making me feel a lot better now, Bandie.

Bandie: Why thank you! Doesn't talking out your problems make you feel much better?

Nz17: You know, you're right! As a matter of fact... hey, wait a minute!

Bandie: What's wrong?

Nz17: I'm supposed to be interviewing you, not you psychoanalyzing me!

Bandie: Oh, I'm sorry. What were we talking about then?

Nz17: I don't think we even began. I'll tell you what, why don't I just ask you some of your vital statistics and we'll take it from there?

Bandie: You mean, like if my heart is beating?

Nz17: Okay, don't get funny with me.

Bandie: ^_^ Sorry.

Nz17: All right, let's try this again. Full name?

Bandie: Bandie.

Nz17: You're full name is Bandie?

Bandie: Yes, do you have a problem with that?

Nz17: No, but.. just Bandie?

Bandie: Isn't all you need in life just one name?

Nz17: I suppose.

Bandie: Well, if you think it's so preposterous, then what's you're full name?

Nz17: I can't tell you that.

Bandie: Why?

Nz17: Because if I told what it is then I would destroy the secrecy surrounding it and in effect debunk my show code-name.

Bandie: That's just plain silly!

Nz17: That fact that I won't tell my name, an issue which may be deep rooted in a hidden self-insecurity?

Bandie: No, the fact that you go by a code-name!

Nz17: Yes, I guess it is somewhat unnecessary.

Bandie: So then tell me you're real name.

Nz17: No!

Bandie: Why not?

Nz17: Look, are we going to do this interview of what?

Bandie: I am; I'm interviewing you.

Nz17: *Facing onlookers.* Now do you see why I have taken so long in doing this interview? Sheesh!

Bandie: *Laughs.* All right, I'll play along.

Nz17: Thank you. All right, we've got your name. Now, what's your occupation?

Bandie: ASO Radio's mascot.

Nz17: And sex?

Bandie: *Blushes.* Good graces, no, not until I am life-bound! *Turns red with anger.* How dare you ask such a personal question!!!

Nz17: No, not if you've had sex, you're gender!

Bandie: *Blushes deeper than the deep red from her now-past anger.* Oh, um, female.

Nz17: And your age?

Bandie: 19 years old.

Nz17: Hmm, I'm surprise you didn't refuse to tell me.

Bandie: Should I have?

Nz17: No, no. As a matter of fact, I'm much happier that you did.

Bandie: Oh. *Smiles.*

Nz17: *Smiles back.* Okay, let's get into some personal questions.

Bandie: As long as they don't get too personal again.

Nz17: Right. So tell me what some of your favorite foods are.

Bandie: Well, I usually eat what I can find, which is, of course, plants, since I'm a vegetarian.

Nz17: Right, isn't that because of your lineage?

Bandie: Yes, you see, I'm part deer, part fairy, and part human.

Nz17: I wonder how that came about.

Bandie: *Gives Nz17 a cold look.* Do you want to end this interview right now?

Nz17: No, I'm sorry. Anyway, please continue.

Bandie: Given that I only eat plants and the like, my favorite things to eat are fruits, particularily berries.

Nz17: Now Bandie, can I ask you about your clothes?

Bandie: I suppose.

Nz17: Now, some people may think that your clothes are, well... unique. How do you go about putting together your emsambles?

Bandie: Well, what are you getting at?

Nz17: Aren't you a bit, you know, um, hardly garbed?

Bandie: Do you have any idea how warm it is here?!

Nz17: I understand that! But some people might misjudge you by your clothing.

Bandie: That's one of the problems with your kind, do you know that? So often are others judged by appearance rather than substance.

Nz17: But you have to admit that judging by appearance is the quickest way to measure someone up quickly.

Bandie: True, and that should be somewhat of a basis, but don't you think someone ought to get to know someone before they pass final decisions on the first impression?

Nz17: Yes, quite. But I personally meant that your clothes are very intriguing, and would like to know more about them.

Bandie: Oh, well, you should have said that in the first place. The belt that I'm wearing that's attached to my loincloth was my mother's, and it has been passed down from mother-to-daughter as long as her and momother can remember. The actual fabric is made from leaves that have fallen in the autumn, so that I did not harm the tree by using them.

Nz17: Very interesting. By the way, what is a momother.

Bandie: Don't you know? I suppose not. Momother is my mother's mother. Her mother would then be called momomother.

Nz17: Oh, I understand now. So, tell me about the gems on your shoulders and the markings on your legs and face.

Bandie: Well these markings signify that I have the ability to cast majick and that my ancestors were of fairy.

Nz17: And the gems?

Bandie: Because we are generations removed from the fairy, the gems on both my shoulders are necessary to cast majick. Without them, I would have no powers at all.

Nz17: You said earlier that the marking signify that you can cast majick, or at least have the ability to. Is that to say that not all of you species has mystic abilities?

Bandie: Yes, some do not have majick born into them, and it cannot always be told from the mother and father. Also, some have the ability future happenings and current events which are occuring very far away. Most don't have either ability, and this has cause some great jealousies in the past. Oh yes, and a scant few have both abilities, majick and fore-seeing, but I've never met anyone who can do both.

Nz17: Very interesting. You and your kind sound as though they have a very rich culture and history.

Bandie: Don't your, what are they, people, have a culture such as ours?

Nz17: No, actually, our lives are quite different. We don't have any majick or fore-seeing. We usually just use machines to do what we want. Some people claim to have fore-seeing and majick though.

Bandie: Oh, I feel so sorry for your species. Maybe those who claim to have the gifts really do.

Nz17: Let's both hope they do, Bandie, and don't fool themselves into thinking that they do.

Bandie: I do hope so. After all, it does sound as though it takes great courage to be what you truely are inside in your culture.

Nz17: Sometimes it can be at that.

Bandie: I'm sorry I got sounding so sad and deep there. It's just sometimes I feel bad for others, even if they feel they're doing fine.

Nz17: Oh, don't worry. That's quite all right.

Bandie: Is there anything else you'd like to ask?

Nz17: Well, I guess to tie this back into ASO Radio, do you have any favorite anime?

Bandie: Hmm. There are certainly a lot of anime out there, and I really liked Oh My Goddess!, but I suppose my favorite right now is Princess Mononoke. It speaks truest to how life actually is, in many more ways than one.

Nz17: One last question: if could change anything about the world, be it for better or worse, what would you change?

Bandie: I think that I would change it so that creatures of all kinds would not have to go through such pain and struggle to learn and become wise.

Nz17: Bandie, on behalf of all ASO Radio staff, I thank you for the time you have spent with my and agreeing to this interview.

Bandie: You're welcome, Nz17, and I hope we can do this again.