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Press Release: ASO Radio Returns with Season 5

ASO Radio Returns with Season 5

Anime Talk Radio Show Returns with a Vengence after Hiatus

March 20, 2003

ASO Radio Mobile Headquarters, Garden Grove, CA, U.S.A. - "I'm really excited for this new season," says Sean Robinson, host of ASO Radio. But his fans know him better as Nz17. "On the show we use callsigns for all our hosts, and I go by Nz17."

So what has him so excited about the fifth season of his online radio program? "Well, ASO Radio was off the air for a very long time. But that changes now, as we're coming back with newer and better content."

ASO Radio originally ran from 1999 to 2001, when host Nz17 decided to put the show on hiatus. "It was kind of a hibernation for us and the show. After you go through fifty Episodes, you need to take a break!" During that time ASO Radio saw the rise of many of its cohosts. "I host the show, but it would be boring with only myself. That's why I introduced my friends as cohosts on the show -- T-Man777, ZGuy, and my current cohost, DB3. We've had a couple of one-shot cohosts as well, yet those three have been a staple of the show."

Indeed they have, as T-Man777 saw things through with Nz17 during the first season. Then he and Nz17 were joined by ZGuy, who helped them with the next few seasons. Lately, DB3 has come into his own on the programme. "DB3 helped me wrap up the fifth season. Many people thought that was our last set of Episodes because we were gone for so long. But that was a falsely-placed assumption, as he is going to help me bring in our fifty-third Episode and beyond!"

Nz17 seems to think that this will be their best season yet. "Back when we first started the show the final portion of the program would be the video game review. The thing is, that becomes pretty predictable when it happens all the time. So beginning with Season 5 we'll be introducing the HotSpot. It's our variety part of ASO Radio where we feature basically anything we feel like. It could be an anime Web site review one week, and then a rant the next. But people shouldn't worry about the video game review going away -- it just moved to the HotSpot!"

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ASO Radio is an Internet-based talk radio program. Its content focuses on topics relating to Japanese animation. Show portions generally include anime reviews, news headlines, fan-submitted mail, and a variety slot called the "HotSpot." The HotSpot's topics include video games, manga, soundtrack reviews, editorials, and other issues.

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