Anime Podcast ASO Radio
Online Anime Talk Radio Program

What is ASO Radio?

Ah, such a simple, innocent question deserves a respectful, complete answer. But to be germane and succinct, ASO Radio is an Internet-based talk radio program primarily about Japanese animation.

To be more precise, the show is about much more than just Japanese animation (which is usually more simply called "anime") -- it is about video games, comics, music, and perhaps most important of all, culture. Not just any culture, let alone the culture of a nation. We are about the culture of the otaku, the dedicated anime fan. As such we span the world with our news and views and expand into territory that an otaku's interests lie within.

The program is hosted by Nz17, the creator and long-time host of ASO Radio. He is joined by his cohosts each episode. Together they create a close-knit group of anime fans who have seen more than their fair share of media both animated and non. It is this high level of refinement and varying opinion that give ASO Radio's reviews a stronger ring of truth than other online outlets.

The show is produced on a weekly basis with each episode bringing the latest news, powerful reviews, and our classic humor. After all, every ying needs its yang. Thus we splash our zesty talk with the spice of laughter. Even the blandest of trite anime is zinged up by our flavorful jests.

So we would like to extend our deepest welcome from ASO Radio to you, dear guest. You are a friend in the house of Nz17, and we hope to entertain you and have you become one of us, one of the Anime Society Otaku.