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nz17 Monday, 23 October 2006 20:20:29 +0000
Subject: Howard Tayler's Comments about Link1986's AB Panel
Link1986 hosted a panel at Anime Banzai called "Wondeful World of Webcomics." Partway through Link's panel Howard Tayler, author of "Schlock Mercenary," decided to throw in some helpful insights from his side of things. He mentions this in his blog. Below please find the relevent excerpts.

Anime Banzai Not-a-Convention-Report Day 2

I’ll confess — I did do a little of my usual convention attendance shtick. There was a Webcomics panel, and while I intended to sit in on it quietly and see what was said, I can’t keep my mouth shut in that sort of setting for long. Ultimately it came out that I was a full-time cartoonist, and then the tone of the panel changed from “what are good ways to get hosting?” to “how do you make a living at this?” Blah, blah, blah, I talked a lot, and later apologized to the moderator for hijacking his event.

But back to the “dragged my daughter to a convention” train of thought: in the morning she wanted me to be with her wherever she was. By 3:00pm she was running around on her own. At 5:30 as I was leaving the dealer’s room (where I sat down for a podcast interview, I think it goes live in a week, I’ll post links when I’ve got ‘em) Security told me “your daughter said if we see you to tell you that she’s at Registration.” So I went to registration where they told me “she said to tell you she’s in Viewing Room One watching Naruto.”

Well, okay then.

Find the rest of his post through the link to his blog above.