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nz17 Tuesday, 27 November 2007 23:47:42 +0000
Subject: Best Anime Reviews is No More
Earlier this year Warpshadow and I started B.A.R., Best Anime Reviews, a new Web site where anyone could add to the pool of anime reviews that have been written for our site.

However running Drupal, the Content Management System behind BAR, proved complicated and difficult in comparison to AniFanatikku's simple system. Additionally, for a site like BAR to be successful, we would have needed to spend a few hundred dollars in advertising to get it well-known and popular until an established community could be amassed. Since we run the site on a shoe-string budget, this did not prove feasible.

So I am going to close the curtain on BAR and redirect the pages of the site to AniFanatikku's list of reviews. While the idea behind the project was sound, ultimately the list of reviews never grew beyond what we initially ported from AniFanatikku to BAR. While it is never "fun" to end a Web site, I think that our energies can be better spent improving AniFanatikku and the other projects at Nz17 Productions.