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nz17 Saturday, 12 December 2009 21:00:25 +0000
Subject: Re: Forum Software Updated
More good news, everyone: the final piece of the forum upgrade puzzle has been solved. For the last six months, guests of our forum have been unable to view the pages or posts of the forum. This was a bug in version 2.1.5 of Talkboard Forum. I contacted the software's author about this a few months ago and he said to send him a copy of the forum's database from both before and after the upgrade so he could diagnose the situation. I told him my laptop computer was stored away but that I would send the backups when I got the computer out and when I remembered to write to him with the databases' info.

Well after my desktop computer died (long story) I have to rely on my laptop computer again to get on the Internet. Seizing the opportunity I wrote back to the author and attached the backups of the forum.

Well today he wrote back to me and confirmed I had a found a bug that his testing had missed. He also informed me of a way to fix the problem. I had to figure a way around another bug that prevented me from updating the configuration, but my approach worked, and now guests and logged out users of our forum can read the listings of topics and the individual threads and postings themselves!

As you can imagine this is a great thing. Now people won't think this is a closed or dead forum and will be more likely to read and post; search engines can finally index the forum again; Web searchers can find topics on our forums; and the error logging software won't create error listings for every forum page access attempt by guests. I was getting tired of clearing out thousands of error log entries every few weeks. laughing

Welcome back, outside world! smile