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 nz17 (Thursday, 27 September 2007 02:56:11 +0000) to topic Nz17 Productions Search Statistics
According to Google, these are the most searched terms that turn up results from Nz17 Productions. Keep in mind that these are the top ten results as averages from the past seven days. The numbers are indicative of the position on the Google search page (i.e. 3 means the 3rd result from the top.)

Top search query clicks | Average top position
sonic wiki	3
mew mew power	30
sonic the hedgehog	62
bunnie rabbot	11
mina mongoose	8
bunny rabbot	9
sonic the hedgehog wiki	4
sun wallpaper	24
nan desu kan 2007	16
sally acorn	25
nz17	1
sonic passwords	2
scourge the hedgehog	9
selphie	32
cardcaptor sakura	207
amyrose	3
"sonic wiki"	4
banzai con	4
"julie su" the echidna	6
bunnie rabbot in comic	15

Top search queries | Average top position
sonic wiki	4
sonic the hedgehog wiki	4
scourge the hedgehog	9
bunnie rabbot	3
mina mongoose	5
wiki sonic	6
bandie	7
anime talk	8
mina the mongoose	7
sean robinson	5
naruto and hinata fanfiction	9
warpshadow	7
kiba and hinata	10
anime dictionary	7
nz17	1
encyclopedia of sonic the hedgehog	3
human instrumentality project	6
beater review	6
naruto hinata fanfiction	8
yuki and kyo fanfiction	11

 warpshadow (Thursday, 27 September 2007 11:53:17 +0000) to topic Re: Nz17 Productions Search Statistics
I get the feeling that if we want to be popular we should start concentrating on certain shows rather than being a dispassionate observer to all that is anime. It doesn't really matter what shows they are just as long as we really like them. I think it could help with our burn out as well.