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 nz17 (Saturday, 20 December 2008 08:42:45 +0000) to topic New Cowboy Bebop Movie Starring *sigh*
He's got a blank slate of a face, yet they still keep employing him in big budget movies - particularly sci-fi. Keanu Reeves is to star in a *sigh* live-action Cowboy Bebop film that is likely to be released by 2010. :nolisten:

 link1986 (Monday, 22 December 2008 01:51:44 +0000) to topic Re: New Cowboy Bebop Movie Starring *sig...
I don't know, I think that *sigh* could be a good Spike. Although to be honest, I got so fried on Bebop thanks to the Cartoon Network. I don't think I'd see this projected movie either way.