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 nz17 (Monday, 01 February 2010 20:47:28 +0000) to topic Unique Visits and More to
Just for fun I'm going to share how much traffic Nz17 Productions received in January 2009. We had an average of 1,605 unique visitors per day who each viewed about 2 - 3 pages. So for the month of January we had 128,185 page views. This number is the result of 31 days times 1,605 visitors times approximately 2.6 pages each. At this rate we might have 597,060 unique visitors who make 1,538,220 total page views for the year 2009. If the average Web page including images is 512 kibibytes (524,288 bytes) in size, that would mean we would transfer 806,470,287,360 bytes this year! In simple terms that is 751 gibibytes of data!

...I sure am glad our hosting plan includes unlimited data transfer traffic.