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 nz17 (Monday, 17 July 2006 10:12:02 +0000) to topic The Artist Alley is Back
I am proud to proclaim that the Artist Alley has triumphantly returned. Not only is it back in full form, but I even took the occasion to upgrade its software from Gallery 1 to Gallery 2. It was a big pain to do, I will have you know. However though it was tough adjusting to the new way everything is done in Gallery 2, I hope you will agree that the effort was well worth it.

Please check out the Artist Alley and let me know what you think. If you would be so kind, report any missing or broken images that you may find.

Next restoration project: upgrading phpAdsNew. Next new content: a new ASO Episode this Monday or Tuesday!

 nz17 (Wednesday, 19 July 2006 21:14:40 +0000) to topic Re: The Artist Alley is Back
Okay, so phpAdsNew (our advertising software) and the Artist Alley are back and in full force. As I mentioned above, I upgraded Gallery from ver.1 to ver.2. However customizing the Gallery 2 software to make the Artist Alley just how I like it proved to be quite challenging indeed. I spent two night setting and executing the Gallery 1 -> Gallery 2 upgrade, and another full night customizing it to use the subProductions theme, which is the official visual theme of Nz17 Productions.

All of that has caused ASO Radio Episode #098 to be delayed. So I hope you will be patient with me because the next ASO Episode will be up this Thursday instead of Tuesday. But I promise that in the next few weeks we will maintain a constant, regular schedule of new shows on Tuesdays.