This page contains information for sponsors and potential sponsors of the G.A.M. Convention. We are always looking for more sponsors! Help to make our convention great by sponsoring our gathering today!

To help fund the convention, we are seeking companies, organizations, and individuals who would like to sponsor the event. There are affordable sponsorship packages available for every budget. The convention will offer an excellent opportunity to publicize any and all businesses, products, and services to hundreds of attendees from Vernal, from Utah, and from surrounding communities and states such as Colorado and Wyoming.

The deadline for reserving your sponsorship spots is one month to the day before the convention's event date. That mean that as this year's convention is scheduled for August 15th, the deadline for reserving sponsorship spots is July 15th. While we are willing to make exceptions, these will be made on a case-by-case basis. If you need an exception, please contact us for consideration.

One package = name + optional logo + optional Web page address.

Packages can be sponsored for almost any product or service a company wishes to emphasize. For example, a company's logo might get a Platinum sponsorship, while two of the company's more important products get Gold sponsorships, one apiece for the products.

Each company/organization/individual can purchase up to five packages per Sponsorship Level per year.

Up to twenty packages total (5 platinum, 5 gold, 5 silver, 5 bronze) per sponsor per year are available.

Sponsorship Levels





*This pricing is only available for up to the first 25 sponsors.

The convention or representative(s) of it (hereafter referred to as “Convention”) assures the sponsoring party (hereafter referred to as “Sponsor”) that in exchange for services or payment rendered to the Convention, that the Sponsor's name of choice for a product, company, or other object for promotion, as well as an optional logo and an optional Web page address (hereafter collectively referred to as a “Package”), will be promoted in the agreed upon way according to its Package's sponsorship level on various materials both at the Convention itself as well as its advertising and promotional materials. Submitted material for the Sponsor's Package will be promoted as thus pending approval of said materials by the Convention. Though the Convention will make full good faith efforts to promote Packages and abide by the terms set herein, situations outside of the Convention's control might render complete adherence impossible, and the Sponsor acknowledges and accepts this.

The Sponsor's Package's logo is optional and should be provided electronically. Logos are preferred in SVG format to provide for the best printed quality in signs and banners, but other graphical formats are also acceptable. Please electronically send copies of all materials which are to be displayed as part of a Package. If you signed a Sponsor's Contract, you should have received a copy of the e-mail address to which to send any logos or other materials for approval as part of the Contract. If you funded a Sponsor's Package via Kickstarter, then a survey will be sent to you with additional information. If you are located locally, then electronic submission of material via a USB disk or an optical disc (CD or DVD) is allowed.