Local Utahn Seeks Crowd-Funding for a New Gaming Convention

March 10, 2015

Vernal, UT, U.S.A. - A local Utah man named Sean Robinson is looking to his fellow fans to start a new convention here in Utah. The convention, called G.A.M., looks to bring fans of video games, board games, cartoons, comics, and more together to convene in northeastern Utah.

The group's Kickstarter page: [ https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/nz17/gam-games-anime-and-more-convention-2015 ]

He and his supporters plan to have their event yearly in Vernal, Utah. He says it is to be, "a fun, annual convention event for fans of video games, table-top games, anime, manga, music, and Japanese pop culture."

Robinson is looking to have interested parties go to his Kickstarter project's page to pledge their support. "Every little bit helps," says Sean. They are looking to raise $400 as their initial goal; but every time they hit a larger amount as a goal milestone, the convention's scope will grow in size. Their ultimate goal is to amass enough funds to throw a three day convention featuring numerous guests from the entertainment industry.

"If we can make it - and I have a lot of hope we will - then we will throw our convention this year during the weekend of August 8th. If so, it will be the largest convention of this type which northeastern Utah has ever seen!" he says.

About G.A.M.
G.A.M. (Games, Anime, and More) is a Utah-based hobby-interest convention. Its focus includes games such as computer games, video games, and tabletop games; cartoons; comics; pop music from America, Japan, and Korea; and other facets of pop-culture.

About Nz17 Productions
Nz17 Productions is a hobby-focused organization in northeastern Utah which acts as the primary sponsor of the G.A.M. convention. It hosts a variety of Web sites focusing around Japanese media, podcasting, and new media concepts.

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