People have been asking about what they can expect to see at G.A.M. this year. While we can't say, "This is everything that will be there as set in stone!" quite yet, we wanted to share some details with you about what we are planning on having.

More concrete details and the schedule of events will be announced as we get closer to the day of the convention. But our plan currently is:

Main Events

Concurrent Side Events

We are aiming for a family-friendly convention. Therefore all of the videos, panels, and games will be appropriate for most ages - everything will be rated the equivalent of PG-13 or less.

Bonus Announcement: We are proud to announce that children under ten years old will get into this year's convention... FOR FREE! That's right, there will be no need for a babysitter just because you want to go to G.A.M. Make it a family function: bring all of your family, young and old... and don't forget your friends too!