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Convention Venue Announcement for 2015 (Our Chosen Location Finally Revealed!)

  • Tuesday, June 23 2015 @ 12:14 PM MDT
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After a many-months-long, seemingly endless search, we have finally found a venue which meets our needs yet stays within our budget. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, and otaku of all ages, we have finally found a place which satisfies all of our requirements so we can now at last announce the place chosen for the 2015 G.A.M. Convention!

Our convention will be at the Swain Brothers' Restaurant (the restaurant inside of the Weston Plaza) located at 1684 West Highway 40 in Vernal, Utah. Specifically, the convention will happen inside of one of this establishment's spacious ballrooms. We have already reserved our convention's room and all systems are go! There will be plenty of room for our Main Events area as well as the Side Events areas in the back corners of the room. Thus we should be able to comfortably fit 50 - 100 people with chairs into the room alongside the projector, projector screen, panel table, vendors' tables, and more. And if more than 100 people should up simultaneously, we should have space for them too!

Ahh, it is such a relief to have finally found our "perfect" spot! I thought the search would never end! If you can believe it, we talked to and/or researched sixteen different places before we found this one. Oh, I am so happy that we have secured a place at last, for this means that the one (important) detail which was holding up everything else has now been cleared! So while it opens up a whole lot of work to be done, at the same time it is a relief to finally be able to start all that work. Expect to see a lot more content being added in the next few weeks to the G.A.M. Convention's Web site and social media accounts (such as Facebook). We will have a lot more information about our activities for this year posted soon for everyone to read and share!