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Some Hot New G.A.M. Images - Use as Your Online Avatars!

  • Saturday, June 27 2015 @ 03:58 PM MDT
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Promotional Graphics

Here's some hot new avatar and cover images from friend-of-the-convention, Brittney Weiland, and G.A.M. founder, Nz17! If you want to help promote the convention, please use any of these images online. They work great as avatars (icons) for your online forums and social media profiles. And the "cover image" can work as a good basis for your own G.A.M. advertisements!

Nz17's "Games Anime More" avatar icon (80x80)

Nz17's "G.A.M. Convention" avatar (180x180)

Nz17's "G.A.M." avatar (80x80)

Brittney Weiland's "G" avatar (250x250)

Brittney Weiland's G.A.M. cover image (1181x437)