As G.A.M. is a convention of considerable size dealing with many people and has a widely publicized, specific event date, we do not offer refunds for any reason except for the cancellation of the entire convention if initiated on our behalf. We reserve the right to cancel conventions based on our sole discretion.

However while refunds will not be issued in any other situation, admissions/tickets and vendor's spots which are purchased in advance of the convention can be transferred to another party or be transferred to be used at a subsequent convention.

Transfer of Admissions and Vendor's Spots

Want to transfer your admission to another person or group? Please contact us online at least two weeks before the convention with your information and the information of the other party who is taking your place. Please be sure to mention the e-mail address which you used to pay for your admissions.

If you don't find out in time to let us know that far in advance before G.A.M., then on the day of the convention just send your substitute with a copy of your photographic identification (such as a photocopy of your driver's license) and a signed and dated letter telling us that you want him/her to have your admission and we will allow that person to use it instead.

If you would like to use your admission at a subsequent G.A.M. Convention, then please contact us before or up to one week after the convention for which you had originally purchased your admissions in advance. Simply tell us all of the pertinent information which you used to purchase your admission and that you would like for us to hold your reserved admission(s) for the next convention.