Premium's Extras
1. Compete in the Video Game Championship
2. Enter early (12:30 P.M.)
3. Get an exclusive G.A.M. calendar
4. Compete in the Fighting Game Tournament
5. Get 2 custom Pokemon-like shirt pins
6. Compete in the Puzzle Game Competition
7. Take up to 10 posters (instead of only 2)
8. Compete in the Costume Contest
9. Get 2 extra bingo cards for the giveaway
10. Priority seating at our most popular events

Purchasing premium tickets to the 2017 Summer G.A.M. Convention is easy. Just follow these simple steps!

  1. Click the PayPal purchase link.
  2. Change the quantity to indicate how many people are going. (For example, if you are paying for 2 people, change the quantity to 2 and click "Update.")
  3. Use the "Notes" box to list the names of the people for whom these tickets are being purchased.
  4. (Optional) Print the page as a receipt and bring it to the convention.
Buy tickets here! The price is currently only $30! (PayPal link)

Buy your tickets through our Web site and we'll keep them safe for you. When it's convention time, go to the pickup line and show your ID or PayPal receipt. We will stamp your "tickets" onto your hand and you can start having fun. It's safe, simple, and worry-free!

The best part about ordering your tickets in advance is that you can avoid waiting in the long registration line on the day of the convention and you can save money over the at-the-con price. That's right, you get to save cash and go through the speedy pickup line and start enjoying everything sooner!

Please see our refund policy if you have any questions about refunds or transfers.

Accepted Forms of Payment

If paying by check or money order, please send payment to the mailing address listed on this page.

Note: Tickets are not physical tickets, but are instead reservations for admission into the convention. When arriving, your hand with be stamped with ink to designate yourself as a paid attendee.