Con day is almost here. Therefore we've written up some important information for our valuable volunteers. Please read these suggestions and prepare for the convention! Thanks.

- Con setup begins at 11 A.M. Please try to be there at about that time to help us get everything arranged.

- The first thing that should be set up is the Side Events' Zone. This goes in the area which is normally the breakfast nook at the hotel.

- The Side Events' Zone should be equipt with televisions, consoles, controllers, and video games connected to electrical surge protectors. Try to have one console with games set up at every other table.

- The equipment will be stored in the Main Events' Zone. This is situated in the hotel's meeting room (the first room down the hall where competitions and other events happen). All the games and hardware will be stored in plastic storage tubs - some will be black and yellow, others will be white and clear, and others will be black and red.

- If for any reason the convention's management (Sean Robinson and such) isn't there by 11 A.M., we will be there soon thereafter. Meanwhile, please feel free to begin setting up. We'd appreciate it. That way things will be ready as soon as possible for everyone when the con opens later that day.

- If you are going to be bringing anything for the convention with you (games, controllers, TV's, etc.), then please remember to bring them on convention day and set them up in the Side Events' Zone. "Nothing" is worse than getting to the con only to realize you forgot something important at home!

- Vendors should set up in the Vendors' Zone. This is located in the lobby area near the entrance of the hotel by the automatic sliding doors. Vendors (artists and dealers) get to use one table and one chair each. Additional chairs might be available depending on the number of chairs and people at the time.

- If you have any questions, then please write to us at < >. Thank you!