Welcome to G.A.M. Convention in Naples, Utah Tuesday, February 20 2018 @ 12:32 PM MST

First Flyer for Spring G.A.M. 2016

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Here is the latest flyer we've cooked up for the convention. Be sure to get the good word out there by hanging these up anywhere and everywhere where people who'd be interested in our awesome little convention will be able to see 'em!

I'd like for us to have these flyers hanging in every window of every store and home of the streets of the entirety of Uintah County! Heck, let's get those adjacent counties too!

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3: save, print, and share! Get them out there. Thanks, everyone!

The First Spring G.A.M. 2016 Flyer

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Buy Admission - Now on Sale for G.A.M.'s Spring 2016 Convention!

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  • Tuesday, January 05 2016 @ 05:44 AM MST
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Pre-orders are currently closed. Please purchase your admissions/tickets at the convention. The convention is being held today, Saturday, March 19th, 2016. G.A.M. is located at 1041 South 1500 East, Naples, Utah inside the Microtel Inn & Suites by Wyndham (next to IFA). It is happening inside the lobby, breakfast nook, and meeting rooms inside the inn starting at 10:00 A.M. Line-up begins at 9:30 A.M. Let's have an excellent time, everyone!

Extra: Kids who are nine years old and younger will get in FOR FREE with an adult's paid admission!

Purchasing admissions to the Spring 2016 G.A.M. Convention is easy. Just follow these simple steps!

  1. Click the PayPal purchase link.
  2. Change the quantity setting to indicate how many people for whom you will be paying. (For example, if you are paying for yourself and a guest, change the quantity from 1 to 2 and click the "Update" link.)
  3. During checkout, use the "Notes" textbox to list the names of the people for whom these tickets are being purchased.
  4. (Optional) Print the page as a record of your payment and bring it with you to the convention.

The time period for placing pre-orders closes on March 17th. The pricing breakdown is as follows.

  • January and February pre-orders: $15.00
  • March pre-orders (until March 17th): $17.50
  • At-the-con admissions: $20.00

Buy your admissions through our Web site now, and we'll keep them safe for you until the convention. When it is time for the convention, go to the admission pickup line and show your ID or PayPal receipt. We will stamp your admissions onto your hand and you can start having fun. It's safe, it's simple, and it's worry-free!

The best part about pre-ordering your admissions is that you can avoid waiting in the long registration line on the day of the convention and you can save $5 per admission over the at-the-con price. That's right, you get to save money and go through the speedy admission pickup line and start enjoying the panels and events sooner! Get a leg up on the other con-goers who waited until the day of the convention to get their admissions!

Note: Admission will act as your "ticket" to gain entrance into the convention. Think of the two words as being the same - your admission is your ticket to G.A.M.!

Photo Highlights from the G.A.M. Conventions

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  • Tuesday, September 08 2015 @ 07:18 AM MDT
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Hey, everyone. We just uploaded a bunch of photographs from G.A.M. Spring 2016 to our online photo gallery! Please take a look. We have some really good ones in there including those of coplayers, panels, events, and more. Feel free to browse and enjoy the photos on display!

If you don't see yours, don't worry - just send your photos to us through our Facebook page, please. :-)

G.A.M. Spring 2016 in Photos

G.A.M. 2015 in Photos

Refund Policy and Transfer Information

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  • Friday, August 14 2015 @ 02:32 AM MDT
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As G.A.M. is a convention of considerable size dealing with many people and has a widely publicized, specific event date, we do not offer refunds for any reason except for the cancellation of the entire convention if initiated on our behalf. We reserve the right to cancel conventions based on our sole discretion.

However while refunds will not be issued in any other situation, admissions/tickets and vendor's spots which are purchased in advance of the convention can be transferred to another party or be transferred to be used at a subsequent convention.

Transfer of Admissions and Vendor's Spots

Want to transfer your admission to another person or group? Please contact us online at least two weeks before the convention with your information and the information of the other party who is taking your place. Please be sure to mention the e-mail address which you used to pay for your admissions.

If you don't find out in time to let us know that far in advance before G.A.M., then on the day of the convention just send your substitute with a copy of your photographic identification (such as a photocopy of your driver's license) and a signed and dated letter telling us that you want him/her to have your admission and we will allow that person to use it instead.

If you would like to use your admission at a subsequent G.A.M. Convention, then please contact us before or up to one week after the convention for which you had originally purchased your admissions in advance. Simply tell us all of the pertinent information which you used to purchase your admission and that you would like for us to hold your reserved admission(s) for the next convention.

2015 Convention Schedule & Floor Plan

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  • Wednesday, August 12 2015 @ 01:38 AM MDT
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With only three days left to go until the convention, it is time to reveal the finalized layout of the show floor and the complete schedule of events. Feel free to download and/or print these to bring with you to the convention. They are a handy reference for when you are making plans while you are out and about the town on your way to the convention or when you are at G.A.M. Never miss your favorite happenings with our useful guides!

Convention Hall Layout Diagram

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Schedule and Events

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Classified Ads for G.A.M. Appearing on August 4th and 11th in Local Newspapers

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  • Monday, July 27 2015 @ 03:13 AM MDT
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Be sure to keep an eye out for the August 4th and August 11th editions of the Vernal Express, the Uintah Basin Standard, and the Thrifty Shopper (A.K.A. U.B. Shoppin') for the new G.A.M. Convention classifieds! Look for the two of them in the "Miscellaneous" section of the classifieds on Tuesday of those weeks.

Of course, this isn't the first time G.A.M. has listed classifieds to advertise the convention. We've also advertised this way earlier this year, but haven't posted about it on our Web site until now. Well, as we're ramping up to the date of the convention (Only 2 weeks, 5 days to go!), it's time to post some more classifieds, so there you go!

Final Convention Flyer for G.A.M. 2015

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  • Thursday, July 23 2015 @ 03:27 AM MDT
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Here is a new promotional flyer cooked up for the run-up to the convention. Be sure to get the good word out there about G.A.M. by hanging up these flyers anywhere and everywhere where people who would be interested in an awesome convention will be able to see them.

I'd like for us to have these flyers hanging in every window of every store and home on the main streets of Vernal, Roosevelt, Duchesne, Jensen, Fort Duchesne, Randlett, Altamont, Ballard, Green River, Dinosaur, Rangely, Myton, Sunnyside, Green River, Fruita, Blue Bell, Maeser, Naples, Steamboat Springs, Rock Springs, Lapoint, Bridgeland, and many more!

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3: save, print, and share! Get them out there!

Final 2015 G.A.M. Flyer

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G.A.M.'s Volunteers' Details Page

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  • Thursday, July 02 2015 @ 03:34 PM MDT
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G.A.M. is seeking volunteers for the convention! Help out G.A.M. while earning admission for yourself or a friend!

Positions Available

  • Security
  • Reservations Line
  • Admissions Line
  • Con-Ops (Convention Operations / Information Desk)
  • Panel Hosts
  • Free-play Video-gaming Coordinators
  • Free-play Tabletop Gaming Coordinators
  • Cosplay Workshop Coordinators
  • Copy Creators and Distributors
  • A/V Technicians
  • Liaisons
  • Haulers
  • Musicians

Equipment Needed

  • Video game consoles
  • Video game controllers
  • Video game accessories
  • Video games
  • DVD player
  • Megaphone
  • Televisions

Perks Given

  • If you volunteer for eight or more hours, then you get free admission for yourself and free admission for a guest of your choice (friend, family, etc.)!
  • If you volunteer for four or more hours (yet less than eight hours), then you get free admission for yourself!
  • A scheduled hour-long break given about the four hour mark for eight-hour+ volunteers.
  • A scheduled half-hour-long break given about the two hour mark for four-hour+ volunteers.

How to Apply

Simply fill out your information using the form on our contact page.

Descriptions of Positions

They are pretty self-explanatory in most cases. If you want more details about any of our voluntary jobs, then just ask via our contact page!

Map, Address, & Directions to the 2015 G.A.M. Convention

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  • Saturday, June 27 2015 @ 04:17 PM MDT
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Here is how to get to 2015's G.A.M. Convention whether you are walking, driving, biking, or flying!

Swain Brothers' Restaurant (inside the Weston Plaza hotel)
1684 West Highway 40
Vernal, Utah 84078-4126

MapQuest's map and directions to G.A.M.

Google's map and directions to G.A.M.

The purple marker marks this year's location (1684 West Highway 40, Vernal, Utah).

Some Hot New G.A.M. Images - Use as Your Online Avatars!

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  • Saturday, June 27 2015 @ 03:58 PM MDT
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Promotional Graphics

Here's some hot new avatar and cover images from friend-of-the-convention, Brittney Weiland, and G.A.M. founder, Nz17! If you want to help promote the convention, please use any of these images online. They work great as avatars (icons) for your online forums and social media profiles. And the "cover image" can work as a good basis for your own G.A.M. advertisements!

Nz17's "Games Anime More" avatar icon (80x80)

Nz17's "G.A.M. Convention" avatar (180x180)

Nz17's "G.A.M." avatar (80x80)

Brittney Weiland's "G" avatar (250x250)

Brittney Weiland's G.A.M. cover image (1181x437)


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What is G.A.M.? It is a gaming convention and so much more! Our fun event is a gathering place for fans of video games, card games, anime, music, costumes, and Japanese pop culture! It's high up in the Rocky Mountains in a city called Naples located in Utah. Please join us for an excellent time!

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