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Sunday, December 17 2017 @ 09:51 PM MST

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Kohran Li

Kohran is a happy and good-natured young woman.  She is glad to share a joke or seek the latest news about someone.  Kohran loves to tinker with machines, create new inventions, and tweak all of the various steam-powered battle units used by the theater.  Though a skilled mechanic, her inventions are often experiemental in nature and tend to explode to humorous effect.  Kohran looks after her machines and her fellow teammates as she is always concerned about their well-being.  Raised in Osaka, Kohran speaks with a distinct accent.  She acts as the stage manager at the Imperial Theatre during play production.

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2nd Inaugural post.


We would "REALLY" like to thank you for checking out the site and making this the best darn project a man could ever wish to work on, next to being an ice cream taster at Ben & Jerry's. EDIT: Turns out Häagen-Dazs pays better overtime.


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