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Fan Sites

  • Akane's Sakura Wars Page (964)
    A great site by Akane200 about Sakura Wars.
  • Falling Sakura in Springtime (21,929)
    A site dedicated to the wonderful series, Sakura Taisen! This is one of the grandest ST sites there was. I had to link to its updates page because the JavaScript for a Web ring on the home page would always cause redirects for anyone with JavaScript enabled in his Web browser. But the updates page links to all the rest of the info, so it's all good! :-)
  • Iris Chateaubriand Kawaii Homepage (1,131)
    A site dedicated to the telekinetic blonde named Iris Chateaubriand.
  • Kayama's Sakura Wars Translations (1,019)
    This site contains early attempts at translating the contents of the Sakura Wars games. There is much content to be found here!
  • (467)
    The Sakura Taisen Data Archive / Clearinghouse for the 21st Century; this project attempts to translate the summaries of all of the most important games and animations into a comprehensive timeline.
  • Segalization (180)
    An unofficial fan Web site dedicated to promoting the localization of SEGA games.
  • Setsuna's Sakura Taisen Page (1,305)
    Setsuna's Page of Anime presents Sakura Wars character images and info.
  • Uhu's Anime Zone: Sakura Wars (1,479)
    Sakura Wars story info, trading card scans, gallery, song lyrics, links, and more.