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1. Sakura Shinguji
Sakura Shinguji is a country girl who moves from rural Sendai to the bustling metropolis of Tokyo to join the Imperial Theatre. Sakura is asked to join due to her tremendous skill at swordsmanship using a legendary blade she inherited from her late father. Though skilled and knowledgeable about topics ...

2. Ichiro Ohgami
Ichiro Ohgami

3. Iris Chateaubriand
Iris Chateaubriand

4. Kanna Kirishima
Kanna Kirishima

5. Inaugural Post
Thank you for joining us here at the official Web site for the Sakura Wars Revival Project. We will be filling this site with lots of information about the project and Sakura Wars itself. Please stay tuned to this channel and our Sakura Wars Revival Project Kickstarter page for all ...

6. Sumire Kanzaki
Sumire Kanzaki

7. Maria Tachibana
Maria Tachibana

8. Ikki Yoneda and Ayame Fujieda
Ikki Yoneda and Ayame Fujieda

9. 20th Anniversary Sakura Wars ~Three Day Party Event~ ...
Oh how I am jealous of those living near this event... The Japanese official Sakura Wars website recently posted scheduling details for a 20th anniversary Sakura Wars event. Titled “Chisa Yokoyama’s Sakura Wars 20th Birthday Party”, it will be taking place the weekend of September 23rd-25th – which, incidentally, is ...