Article: Anime in the Public

Anime in the Public

Anime in the Public I decided that over Spring Break, instead of going to a beach (too cold in New England) I'd find out what my friends and classmates, or random people online think about anime. VICTIM #1 streetsim: What do you think about Japanese animation? Auto response from Glamprincess505: UnaWaRE Unaware You Yawn ; A baby is born. Your Tired; Someone's fired You try to sleep, your trying; A little girl is alone in her room crying. You start to dream, your flying; Someone is also lying in their bed; Dying Glamprincess505: huh (SHE SUCKS) Auto response from Glamprincess505: Live like there is no tomorrow.. Dance like no one is watching.. Love like youve never been hurt.... ........ streetsim: cartoons Glamprincess505: wat about it streetsim: what do you think about it Glamprincess505: um y streetsim: for a magazine Glamprincess505: u r cunfuzzling me streetsim: YM has asked me to do an article about young people and they're reflections torards animation Glamprincess505: ya sure streetsim: seriously Glamprincess505: okay wat issue is it ganna be in Glamprincess505: and y did the choose you? streetsim: cause i know alot about cartoons streetsim: issue 13 volume 9 streetsim: idont know Glamprincess505: so they just randomly said "you do this report"??? streetsim: yea streetsim: somehow they heard of me Glamprincess505: i c Glamprincess505: i like the drawings but the cartoons bore me streetsim: k streetsim: c ya later Victim #2 COMPUTER! (evil laugh) streetsim: yo RecipeBuddie: Hey streetsim, thanks for stopping by. My name is Recipe Buddie and I'm a resource for great recipes and menu ideas. I'm sponsored by Keebler. Please read our privacy policy> Check out my cool features for Friday, April 11.

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streetsim: Do you like Anime? RecipeBuddie: I have lots of likes and dislikes just like everybody else! Remember, recipes are my specialty. Ask me about something you'd like to make. streetsim: wait, ur a recipiebuddy RecipeBuddie: wait ur a recipiebuddy. Sorry. I don't understand. Options: try again, or type "help." streetsim: Frozen Cooked Hamster? RecipeBuddie: Ok, you'd like to see a frozen recipe... Allrighty. Give me one sec. I know! What about...

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streetsim: .../.what about Hamrtaro? RecipeBuddie: Hmmm. Unfortunately, I don't understand. Re-phrase for me or type "help." streetsim: Hamtaro? RecipeBuddie: Gee, interesting. And utterly bewildering. Can you explain another way? Or type "help."

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streetsim: Bye RecipeBuddie: Bye! See you next time. VICTIM #3 Rockykav: yo streetsim: yo Rockykav: sup? streetsim: nothing Rockykav: cool streetsim: give me a reflection on anime Rockykav: ok Rockykav: what anime? streetsim: general Rockykav: its ok i mean certain shows are good streetsim: k (Now I Started Random People) lol iCe bEbE xOx: hey streetsim: are you random streetsim: what do youi think about anime streetsim: i am a random person iCe bEbE xOx: kool iCe bEbE xOx: I dont like anime much streetsim: k um…. Next… Ilied about my age… guess who I was…. Pomeranians5: ~~~~Im lonely and bored so if you are too just tell me ur asl and holla then maybe we can chat!!~~~~~ Chow streetsim: no streetsim: i am random streetsim: cheese streetsim: pie streetsim: tell me your thoughts on anime Pomeranians5: i cheese Pomeranians5: pie Pomeranians5: on wat? streetsim: Anime4 streetsim: Cartoons Pomeranians5: n/m/h/h Pomeranians5: oh mmmmmm Pomeranians5: n/s/t streetsim: ... Pomeranians5: Never Seen Them Pomeranians5: wats ur asl? Pomeranians5: age sex? Pomeranians5: hello streetsim: 17 streetsim: male' Pomeranians5: oh bye streetsim: Hill Valley CA streetsim: good bye Previous message was not received by Pomeranians5 because of error: Error code 3 received from server.

Pomeranians5: im too young

Well, that was… some adventure. By the end, I got blocked by at least 2 people.

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