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Anime Dictionary

Anime Dictionary

Like any hobby, and especially one with ties to a different culture, anime fans have developed their own lingo. Any source of anime information worth it's salt should be able to help the unenlightened with help in this matter. I guess it is time for Anifanatikku to stop getting unearned salt.

Note about PronunciationJapanese words are pronounced with a distinct emphasis on each syllable. They also don't use silent e like English words. For example anime is pronounced An-ni-may

Anime- 1.The Japanese word for animated media. Borrowed word from French. 2. Animated works originating in Japan.

Bishonen Handsome and usually effeminate man. Very common in Shojo anime.

CG Computer Graphics.

Cosplay when someone dresses up to look like an anime character.

Dubbed Anime with a foreign language track put in place of the original.

Ecchi Perverted but not to the extent of being Hentai (see below).

Fan Service. Sexuality inserted into anime that is unnecesary to the plot. The Japanese simply call it Service.

Fansub Commercially unavailable anime that is subtitled and then distributed for free.

Fujoshi Translated Rotten girl. Means female Otaku.

Hentai Animated pornography.

Manga .Japanese comic books. They are the common source of ideas for anime.

Moe Means cute in a sexual context when talked about in anime. Usually refers to Shonen shows but is starting to be picked up by female anime fans.

Oav Anime that is sold directly to video stores without first being shown on television or in movie theaters. Acronym for Original Animated Video. Also called Ova.

Omake very short anime episodes with no other purpose to fill time and provide a few jokes.

Otaku 1.An obsessive fan of something, considered insulting in Japan. 2. An anime fan. In by foreign anime fans to describe themselves with a more positive connotation.

Seiyuu Japanese word for voice actor.

Shojo 1. Japanese word for girl. 2.Anime and manga that have girls as their target audience.

Shonen 1. Japanese word for boy. 2. Anime and manga that have boys as their target audience.

Shonen Ai Homosexual content in anime or manga of a non explict nature.

Subbed Short for subtitled. Dialogue is placed at the bottom of the screen to help those who have trouble understanding or hearing it.

Tankoban A manga book ranging from one hundred to a bit over two hundred pages.

Yaoi Male 1.Homosexuality in anime or manga. 2.Explicit Homosexual content in anime or manga.

Yuri Lesbian content in Anime in Manga.

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