Article: Anime on Demand

Anime on Demand

Anime On Demand The Future of Anime Well I got this about 2 weeks ago but didnít start using it until a week ago. Basically, it is a service. On Demand has a bunch of categories (all on 1 channel) and one of them has like, fan boy things (such as G4, Atom Films TV [no gangsta rap?!] and HeavyTV [Behind the music that sucks series]). Anime Network is listed. In there, there are 5 categories, Action, Drama, Comedy, Sci-Fi, and Martial Arts. They [AN INC] update somewhat every week with new episodes. They DO NOT give whole seasons. They give different episodes. Currently an example would be 3 episodes of Excel Saga and 1 Samurai X. There are others too, such as the pervertful Colorful, and of course Evangelion. I like this, because now I can pause for a bathroom break, or if someone gets hurt [I beat up my sister a lot], and even to look at everything in the last episodes of Evangelion! It is just like a video. Iíd say that it is worth it if you want something that would take up your day watching and exploring through the various menus. I recommend this to everyone. There is something for everyone, from the style network, to geeky Tech TV, to even Army combat training. - Streetsim (formerly known as Animeatic)

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