Article: A word on how I do reviews

A word on how I do reviews

A word on how I do reviews

Any review site needs a grading scale and mine is a bit odder than most. Instead of a number or star system I use a word system to describe how good or bad a show is. If you have been with anifanatikku since it was with tripod you may understand the system but for the rest of you here is how it works.

Fantastic!- This is the highest rating I give. I try to be stingy with this rating and only give it to the anime shows that I feel are the absolute best. You should try to see anything that has this rating, and in my opinion these are definitely worth buying.

Excellent- While a step below Fantastic these shows are still some of the best our there. They will often be shows that would have earned a perfect score but have an obvious flaw or be shows that are really good but for some reason they didn't earn the top honor of a Fantastic rating. These shows are still definitely worth seeing and buying.

Very Good- Shows in this category are what I consider not to be truly great shows but are fun and enjoyable nonetheless. These shows are generally above average and should provide good entertainment to anyone who likes the genre that the given show is in. If the show looks interesting to you go ahead and buy it.

Good- Shows with this grade are average, maybe a bit better. Anything that is solidly enjoyable but in no way remarkable fall into this category. While these shows are generally worth watching they may not necessarily be worth buying.

Fair- There are a good number of shows that while not truly horrible probably aren't worth your time, especially if you don't watch a lot of anime. Shows with the fair rating are these shows. Unless you are the type with enough money to light a cigar with a twenty dollar bill don't buy these shows. In fact if you feel the need to see these shows at all I suggest renting.

Poor- This is the worst rating I give shows and like the top rating I rarely give this one out. I would not advise watching these shows under any circumstances except maybe to make fun of them.

I also have some terminology that I like to use. A supplementary movie or Oav is one that is based off of a longer running television show.

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