Article: Beyond Review Reading

Beyond Review Reading

Beyond Review Reading

As a bit of an addendum to my manga review I came to the conclusion that I should put out a list of all the manga that I continue reading beyond the point I post in the review. Although it may be a bit unfair to those manga that I read all the way to the end before reviewing I thought it would be a good short list of the manga that I really do like and think is good.

Ai yori Aoshi volumes 5-6

Berserk volumes 16-18

Bleach volumes 10-22

Death Note volume 5-8

Fruits Basket volumes 15-20

Gundam Ecole Du Ciel volume 4

Kare Kano Volumes 11-21 (complete)

Kekkaishi volumes 5-13

Love com volume 5

Monster volumes 13-18 (complete)

Nana volume 4-5

Negima volumes 11-22

One Piece volumes 13-21

Ranma volume 19-20

School rumble Volumes 4-6

Shaman King 5-24

Yotsuba to volume 4

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