Article: Sakura con 2008 a con in pictures

Sakura con 2008 a con in pictures

Sakura con 2008 a con in pictures

Although I go to Sakura con every year this year, although you could really say that about every year was a bit different. It was different in two ways. The first was the freakish snowfall which almost never happens in March. The second was that I obtained a new digital camera from my mother and was able to take about five times the amount of pictures that I was able to last year. In short bad news for Gurren Laggan cosplayers, good for me.

I began my convention experience every year by picking up my badge. The wait in line was less than 45 minutes and that included finding where the registration lines were since they changed since last year. Needless to say I didnít wind up in a horror of a waiting line like the one at Anime Boston turned out to be and hearing of that made my line wait all the more enjoyable.

After getting my badge I realized that it was only nine thirty and so since there was little else to do at the time so went around taking pictures of cosplayers. To tell the truth I went around taking pictures of cosplayers for a large part of the convention and so I didnít see everything else. Even though disk space was plentiful I did try to hunt for the cool looking or unique costumes rather than taking pictures of every single Naruto or Bleach cosplayer.

I stopped taking pictures for a short time when the clock turned twelve and headed down to the first floor where my anime club was meeting. Being that there was no anime to watch on the first floor the meeting ended up being nothing more than sitting around while eating subway sandwiches because that is the closest restaurant.

After lunch I went to the dealers room and bought stuff. There I learned my big convention lesson: Timing in the dealerís room is critical but difficult to pinpoint: arrive too late and someone may buy the thing that you want. On the other hand if you donít have a good place to stash your purchases you may end up lugging your purchases around all day like I did.

After that I attended the Penny Arcade panel and to sum it up it was kind of random and weird but funny. Then again Penny Arcade in general is kind of random and weird but funny. Unfortunately I was unable to partake of the free waffles.

One of the notable contests I attended was the anime music trivia contest. It was a difficult and hard fought contest but with knowledge, pluck and ability to guess the clues given when nobody could guess what show a background tune was from I was able to win first place and took away an Ah My Goddess soundtrack as a prize.

On the other hand I wasnít able to enter the fan fiction contest because I went home to sleep and to unload my purchases for the dealer room and was unable to return by seven thirty when the submission deadline was. Even so I will post my fanfic next week.

Saturday was a lot more random than Friday as I spent a good deal of time taking pictures and randomly wandering about. Part of that was due to the fact I was staving off a mild but reoccurring headache. I attend a few panels on both days but spent a good deal of time in the AMV room on Saturday. I also caught the English premire of the new One Piece movie. I missed the meet up meeting on Saturday only to find out later that there wasnít one. In the end I didnít care as I had a great time at Sakura con 2008.

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