Fan Fiction: The Shazuel Saga

The Shazuel Saga

The Shazuel Saga

This is my first fanfic so I'm going for a good start.

I do not own Tenchi Muyo! , Or anything like that. It is a Pioneer and AIC thing. Enjoy!

By the way: The first chapter is an introduction to how Shazuel came to be.

Chapter 1: Enter the Dark Thoughts of Evil.

1 Up in space, the darker regions, there is much evil. But where there's

2 darkness, somewhere there's light. So we begin here. Where a boy is going to school on the planet Jenbih.

“Oh boy!. Tomorrow we get to learn the ways of magic!”, said the boy.

“ Shaden! Come here!,”, said the teacher, “ You detention is next week. Uh,oh!”

“What?”, said Shaden.

“ Your detention is when we're having the magic class.”

“What? No ,no, no !!!!!!!!”, and Shaden ran home to his mother.

Later that night:

Shaden was in his bed thinking about how he can still learn magic. He still remembers other times when his life got worse. Parents divorced, strait F student. He was mad.

“Just because of a lousy prank,” he said, “ I will get revenge, but how?”

Shaden thought, and thought, until his brain hurt. Then he just, blacked out into a disturbed sleep.

The Next Day:

Shaden was lucky at school. His detention was right next to his classroom. He could here his teacher teaching about magic. He wanted to listen, so he just pretended to read.

“ All right class. Say “Nibidi Nobodi Huu” to get a new hair style.” Said the teacher.

Shaden did just that, but forgot the word Huu. All of a sudden, out of his finger came a spark. Then another. He then could always make sparks.

He ran towards the door to find that the teacher was chasing after him. Shaden then shocked her. He ran to his classroom saying, “Now I will get you!” and he shocked the whole class.

“Shaden! Detention for the rest of the week!” said the teacher.

That night:

“Why do I have to be punished cleaning this old attic?” said Shaden.


“What the?”

A big old book called:

The Jurian Power: A book Of Spells.

Edition: 600 B.C.

3 By: Kagato

had fallen.

“This is all I need to get revenge!”

All of a sudden a blue light appeared next to Shaden's house.

“That's that ship I saw in our history books! I think it was called the… Soda!~”

“ No you idiot! It's the Soja!”, said a man.

“Yeah that's it! You mast be Coughtonatoe!”

“ You're just doing that to annoy me aren't you?,” said the man,” I'm Kagato! The one on the book!”


“I came here when I sensed someone using my book!”

“I just found it?”

“That means you want revenge on someone, and so do I!”

“Yeah, I want to destroy the world, no, the Universe! For what it did to my life!”

“ I'll give you all the powers in that book! I`ll give you a mutation!”


“How about right now?”

“Oh, yes!!”

Kagato thinking ‘ This might be a way to destroy everyone at that place, The Masaki Shrine!'

On the Soja:

“Ok, I'll hook you up to the mutating machine” Kagato hooks him up and presses the power button. All of a sudden the tube turns black. Electricity is seen now.

(NOW's a good time to prepare. Think of Mihoshi if as a boy)

Finally, Shaden came out of the tube. He looked like Kagato and Mihoshi (if as a boy () He acted like Yugi, only more boyish.

“So Shaden? How do you feel?”

“I'm not Shaden!~ I'm Shazuel!!!!!”, said Shaden” Call me Shazuel for now on. And I feel Powerful!

To be continued………..

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