Fan Fiction: Ryoga's travels chapter 4 The love of a pig

Ryoga's travels chapter 4 The love of a pig

Ryoga's travels chapter 4 The love of a pig

"No way, no how." Kyo growled. He had been somewhat receptive to the idea of going to the amusement park with Tohru until he had found out who was coming along. "How could you, Ryoga? You promised that you would train with me today." He yelled.

Ryoga had his head tilted in shame. "I am sorry Kyo." He said.

"Kyo, have you forgotten that Ryoga is a guest?" Yuki said. "We should spend the short time that he is here showing him a good time, not using him to further your own hobbies. He continued.

"But he promised..." Kyo said.

"I am tired of your childish attitude." Yuki Said.

"Yeah well I'm sick of having to look at your ugly face." Kyo said in retaliation. Both men raised stepped back into a fighting stance. Yuki raised one hand into a guard position as the other was in a sling.

Seeing this Tohru ran between the two. "Please don't fight. Not while Yuki's still injured." She said.

Kyo backed down. "Oh all right." He said. Kyo turned his head away from Tohru and said "If you want to go to the amusement park so badly I'll go with you. It's only one stupid day after all." Kyo stamped off.

"I guess that settles that." Yuki said. "I can only hope that Kyo settles down enough that you can actually enjoy yourself."

"I hope so too." Tohru said. "Yuki, I am sorry that you couldn't come with us."

"Don't worry miss Honda, I am all right." Yuki said. "After all I could use a quiet day to myself."

"Are you sure Yuki?" Tohru said.

"I appreciate your concern but I am all right. You need to hurry or you will miss your train." Yuki said.

"You're right Yuki, I don't want to waste the tickets that Kagura gave to us." Tohru said as she hurried out the door.

The back door slid open and Shigure said to Yuki "Are you sure you don't want with them?"

"I was telling the truth to Tohru. Kyo is bad enough as it is. With the pair of pigs that he going to be with it will be more of a ruckus than I would want to deal with." Yuki said.

"But Tohru is going too. Are you okay with that?" Shigure prodded.

"Those three may be trouble but none of them would do anything to Tohru." Yuki said.

"That's not what I meant. Are you okay with Tohru going to an amusement park with Kyo?" Shigure asked.

"I am. He wouldn't trying anything with Kagura breathing down his neck." Yuki said a vengeful smile came to his lips.

"You have no idea what you have gotten yourself into." Kyo said to Ryoga as they walked along.

But I met Kagura yesterday and she was a really nice girl." Ryoga said.

"Yeah well looks can be deceiving." Kyo said.

"I think we are close to the train station. Kagura said she would meet us there." Tohru said.

"Isn't it sort of strange for her to be meeting us at a train station? I thought the Sohma family was rich." Ryoga said.

"Well this whole thing smells fishy to me." Kyo said.

"I don't think it is. Kagura probably gave us the tickets because she wanted to spend time with us." Tohru said.

"That's what I am afraid of." Kyo said.

"Oh look there is the train station" Tohru pointed out.

As the three walked towards the train they heard an expected voice. "Hi you guys. I am so glad you could make it."

Kyo turned away. "Yeah whatever. Hello Kagura."

Kagura's face flared in anger. She grabbed Kyo's shirt and yelled "How could you say that. Don't you know that no one loves you more than me?"

Instead of the usual fear he had at the wrath of Kagura Kyo smirked. "I thought you were going on a date with Ryoga."

Shamed, Kagura relented. "Oh yeah, of course I am going on a date with Ryoga, how silly of me." Kagura said with a bit of nervous laughter. "Anyways you arrived just in time. The train about to depart soon."

The four gathered on the train. The ride was quiet for Kagura picked a time when it wouldn't be crowded. Anything would have made the train impossible to ride for a Sohma with the zodiac curse. Still they didn't ride trains that often so Kyo and Kagura where both trying to suppress a childlike instinct of staring out of windows agape as the scenery flew by.

In a moment when tore herself away from the scenery Kagura thought of her plan. Although her comment earlier may have doomed it failure she still saw an opportunity for it's success. All she would have to do is date Ryoga in plain site of Kyo. That would make Kyo jealous and that would put him right where she wanted him. Kagura wasn't usually given to this type of plot but been ignoring her more than usual lately and this was the perfect chance.

"Just because you thought that you were one of the few boys I could touch you thought I would always be there. However If I remind him that there is a new player in this ball game he should start looking my way." Kagura muttered to herself.

Kagura pretended to stumble and fall into Ryoga's arms. However the train braked just as she was attempting this and she stumbled in a different direction than she anticipated, right into the back of an unsuspecting man. The force of the tumble unscrewed the poorly fastened sports bottle she was carrying soaking her as she fell.

Kyo and Tohru were startled but not entirely suprised to see a puff of smoke and a small pig lying in a pile of women's clothes. As the man turned around he saw Kyo saying "Sir I am sorry that our pet pig bumped into you" in a rehearsed tone and bowing. Kyo then pulled the emergency brake as Tohru gathered Kagura's clothes.

The train screeched a halt as the irate and suprised passengers stared at Kyo. He opened one of the windows and hopped to the windowsill. He pulled up Tohru who had both Kagura and her clothes in her arm before jumping out. Ryoga who had stood dumbfounded at the scene simply smiled nervously and waved to the crowd before jumping out the window.

As Ryoga ran after Kyo and Tohru he asked "Why did you do that?"

Kyo turned to Ryoga and said "Because of Kagura's stupid stunt." Between breaths.

"It's very important to the Sohma's that they keep their secret." Tohru said.

"But didn't you just cause a scene by stopping that train?" Ryoga asked.

"That was bad but it wasn't as nearly as bad as it would have been if we had stayed on." Kyo said.

"Why" Ryoga asked, oblivious to the fact that she could transform back at any moment.

"Man you really are dense." Kyo Replied.

"Look there is a spot we can hide Kagura." Tohru said as she pointed to some bushes.

"We'll stand guard and make sure that no one notices while you help Kagura." Kyo said. Tohru took Kagura behind the bushes and in a short while audible poof was heard. A minute later Tohru and Kagura came out. Ryoga peered into the bushes wondering where Tohru had gotten the hot water to turn Kagura back into human form.

"You really messed things up this time Kagura." Kyo said.

"I'm sorry Kyo." Kagura said.

"It isn't that bad. I think we are close enough that we can walk to the amusement park." Tohru said.

"But how are we going to get back home? We can't take the train back." Kyo said.

"I'll call a chauffeur." Kagura said.

"Why didn't you do that in the first place?" Kyo asked.

"I am sure that it simply slipped her mind, Kyo. Why don't we just go to the park and have fun?" Tohru said.

"I guess we can do that." Kyo said.

With that the group started walking towards their destination. As they walked Kagura asked "Hey Kyo while I was in the bushes, did you sneak a peek at me?"

Kyo turned his head in disgust "I'm not some perverted dog."

Shigure sneezed. "Oh my I think I might be coming down with a cold." His distraction from his work allowed him to notice a man shaped shadow through his door. "Who is it?" He asked.

"It's Hatori. I have some business here." He said as he opened the door.

"Yuki! Hatori's here to check up on you again!" Shigure yelled.

"Actually that isn't the reason I came. Could you please call Ryoga." Hatori said.

"Akito decided to do that, didn't he." Shigure said.

"Yes. That is why I am here." Hatori said.

One of the inner doors slid open. "Hatori your here for a further examination?" Yuki asked.

"Actually Hatori sensei is here for other reasons but we're here to help you get better." A woman in a stylized maid costume said as she carried a picnic basket.

"Mine? We? That can only mean..." Yuki stuttered in a mixture of shock and dread.

"Oh has my brother fallen on the field of honor? The pain in my heart outstrips any physical agony. Yet how do I bear it? Fear not darling Yuki for your brother is here to comfort you in your time of need."

"Ayame. So much for my quiet day." Yuki sighed.

End Chapter 4

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