Fan Fiction: Ryoga's travels chapter 5 true feelings

Ryoga's travels chapter 5 true feelings

Ryoga's travels chapter 5 true feelings

As they went from ride to ride Tohru, Kyo, Kagura and Ryoga walked in a pattern. Kyo was still angry with the whole situation and walked briskly as a result. Tohru being his official date tried to walk side by side with him but fell a step or two short of that goal. Kagura who intended on being Kyo's unofficial date walked a couple of steps behind Tohru so she could still maintain conversation with Kyo while trying to look as though she was not trying to muscle in on Tohru. This left Ryoga walking behind the group.

Being somewhat separated with the rest of the group was able to see the danger to Kyo in the form of a log flume ride which threatened to splash water on him. Remembering that keeping the curse secret from others was very important to the Sohma's Ryoga tackled Kyo in order to push both of them out of the way of the splash.

"Why the hell did you do that?" Kyo Yelled.

Ryoga backed off of Kyo and said "You were walking very close to that ride and I didn't want you to get wet."

"Get wet? A few drops is nothing compared to having you jump on me." Kyo said.

"I am sure that Ryoga was only thinking of your best interests so please don't be mad at him." Tohru said as she extended a hand to pull Kyo to his feet.

"I guess I can forgive him." Kyo said, his head turned to avoid Tohru's gaze.

"Are you hurt Kyo?" Kagura asked as Kyo got to his feet.

"Oh this is nothing compared to the pounding I am going to give him when we get home." Kyo said.

"I thought you said you forgave Ryoga." Tohru said.

"I was talking about training. We were supposed to do that today but I got roped into coming to this stupid amusement park." Kyo said.

"Don't worry about that Kyo, We'll spare extra hard when we get home. After all I am on this trip so I can train and get stronger myself." Ryoga said.

"That sounds fine but now I want to have as much fun at this amusement park with Kyo, um and Tohru and Ryoga right now." Kagura said.

"I'd rather not. Ryoga knocked the wind out of me when he decided to tackle me." Kyo said.

"Oh you just need to sit down for a minute. I have an idea, why don't Tohru and I get some drinks while you two boys sit down and rest?" Kagura said.

"That sounds like a wonderful idea, don't you agree Kyo?" Tohru asked.

"Uhh I guess I can go along with that plan." Kyo said.

"There are some benches there and we will be back soon." Tohru said before walking away.

Kyo sat on the bench with his arms crossed and his leg propped against a garbage can. Ryoga sat on the other side of the bench as if not to tempt Kyo's anger. Ryoga asked. "So Kyo why are you so interested in training? After all I wouldn't skip a date with two cute girls just to train."

"A date? This is just one of Kagura's plots to get closer to me." Kyo said. "I don't want to waste time here when I could be getting strong enough to beat that jerk Yuki."

"Yuki? I thought he was pretty nice, especially after I beat him up." Ryoga said.

Kyo raised his and turned toward Ryoga. "Nice? That stupid rat has been bothering me with his high and mighty attitude for years. Some day I will wipe that superior expression right off of his face."

"That kind of reminds me how I feel about Ranma." Ryoga said.

"Ranma? Never heard of him." Kyo said.

"Ranma, that jerk messed up my life, he is the reason I have my curse." Ryoga said.

What Ryoga said puzzled Kyo. "How can someone give you an animal curse?" He thought. Kyo said nothing though.

"And that isn't all." Ryoga continued. "He causes problems for me all the time. And the worst part of it is that Jerk is engaged to Akane."

"So who's Akane?" Kyo asked.

"Well Akane is..." Ryoga stalled and started to blush. Kyo smiled and laughed to himself.

Sorry It took so long there was a line." Tohru said.

"Here are your drinks." Kagura said as she handed a soda to Kyo and Ryoga.

At the moment that Ryoga took his drink from Kagura's hand he realized that he was the scum of the earth. How could he ever claim that he loved Akane when he was dating another girl! He was almost as bad as Ranma.

"Thank you" Ryoga said in a sad voice. While Kagura brushed the incident off as nothing Tohru was troubled by his tone. "What could Kyo have said to hurt Ryoga so much?" Tohru thought.

Kyo saw how worried Tohru was and snarled. "What did Kagura do to Tohru?" He thought.

"So where does everybody want to go next?" Kagura asked. "Ugh this date plan of mine is falling apart." She thought.

"If it isn't too much trouble I would like to ride on the Ferris wheel." Tohru said.

"Kyo, Ryoga looked so sad just now. I was wondering, what did you say to him?" Tohru asked. Since she was alone with Kyo in a Ferris wheel car she was confident no one else would hear her.

"I didn't say anything to Ryoga, just that I wanted to beat up Yuki." Kyo said.

"And that made Ryoga sad?" Tohru asked.

"Nah he just started talking about a guy he wanted to beat up. Well that and some girl he knew." Kyo said.

"I knew that Kyo wouldn't have done anything mean to Ryoga. After all he is a nice person." Tohru thought to herself.

In the next car Kagura looked out the back in order to see if Tohru and Kyo were up to anything.

"So what are you looking at?" Ryoga asked.

"Err, I have a confession to make. I planned this date in order to spend time with Kyo." Kagura said.

"So you don't have any feelings for me?" Ryoga asked.

"Don't take it the wrong way. It's just that I have been in love with Kyo ever since we were little." Kagura said.

Ryoga breathed a sigh of relief. "For a while there I thought that I had to deal with two girlfriends." He said

"So you aren't mad?" Kagura asked.

"No, not at all." Ryoga said.

"Well then I have a plan, if you agree to follow along." Kagura said.

When they stepped out of the car Kagura and Ryoga were holding hands.

"I am so glad that the two of you could become so close." Tohru said. Both she and Kyo had finished the ride earlier and so were waiting for the other pair.

"Yeah maybe now that you have Ryoga as a boyfriend you will stop chasing after me." Kyo said.

Angry that her plan to make Kyo jealous had failed so easily Kagura grit her teeth and squeezed Ryoga's hand so hard that it might have broke had he not been so sturdy.

Still the four did their best to enjoy themselves at the amusement park. Kagura kept up her charade in hopes that it would begin working somehow or possibly because she was too proud to admit it had failed.

As the day neared it's end Tohru and Kyo noticed that Kagura was walking without Ryoga. "Where is he?" Tohru asked quite worried.

"I just had Ryoga buy us some souvenir's." Kagura said, puzzled at Tohru's concern.

"Gee Kagura why did you have to go and do that?" Kyo said.

"I gave him some money to buy them and he is just a little way's back." Kagura replied.

"Oh no where is he?" Tohru asked.

"The stall is just around the corner. He should be able to find us easily." Kagura said.

"He would if he was anybody but Ryoga. That guy is horrid at finding his way around places." Kyo said.

"He is?" Kagura said.

"Yeah the guy makes Haru look like a cartographer." Kyo said.

The three hurried around the corner only to find Ryoga was not there. Kyo frowned knowing that looking for Ryoga would be very hard, the guy had gotten lost in Shigure's house about five times a day when he was living there. He didn't want to lose his perspective training partner without a fight, not to mention that Tohru would have at least liked the chance to say goodbye to him.

When they started searching none of them would have guessed that they had already seen the last of Ryoga. Still they searched for hours to no avail.

Some may have thought it odd that he carried all his belongings with him to the amusement park but in the end that decision worked out to his benefit. It would have been a miracle for him to find Shigure's house again. If by chance that he did stumble across the Sohma's again this whole event would have become a whole lot less memorable than Ryoga would have wished thanks to Hatori. So in the end everything worked out.

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