Fan Fiction: A fading flame a Shakugan no Shana fic

A fading flame a Shakugan no Shana fic

A fading flame

The mid morning was a time for transit not only more children to school and businessmen to work but also for maid to whatever errands they had to do. It was a fairly normal day for Wilhelmina. However for some one like the Manipulator of Ten Thousand Ribbons what qualified as a normal day could be easily life changing and terrifying for most. In a circle formed of the white flame of existence stood a man In a four armed Tuxedo and top hat. Outside the circle people paid no attention as was usual for incursions of the crimson denizens while inside the circle there was no one else, as though a hole had but cut into the crowd.

The sight was not enough to change Wilhelmina’s expression while Tiamat simply said “Foolhardy” The word matched her thought, this Crimson Denizen was weak enough that calling either Shana or the chanter of elegies would be exercise in overkill. She stepped inside the circle and Tiamat change from a head band to it’s mask shaped battle form.

“So you think you can stop me Flame Haze?” Crimson Denizen barked , four balls of energy emanating from his hands to punctuate his resolve with an attack. Wilhelmina had no words for the whelp of a Crimson Denizen and simply formed the ribbons of Tiamat into a shield to deflect the attack. Blow after blow was landed against this shield. Is that all you can do? Don’t you know that in any battle is the one who…”

His words interrupted by ribbons piercing him from the back “…The who takes iniative and attacks? You forget that there is a huge difference between defense and idle chatter in a fight.” “Fatally arrogant” Tiamat said as the ribbons twisted and pierced through the front of his chest causing the Crimson Denizen to erupt in a shower of sparks.

With that matter taken care of Wilhelmina set about plugging the hole of existence that the Crimson Denizen tore for his own (now defunct) goal using the ambient existence spewing about the Denizen’s corpse. White flames appeared and then bodies materialized around them. These were the torches that would replace the people that had been consumed for a time. She took notice of one of the torches, a brunette schoolgirl with a hairclip and ribbon and wondered “Isn’t that the same type uniform that Shana wears?” It was a passing thought which was gone as the seal collapsed and everyone, including Wilhelmina went about their daily business.

As Kazumi Yoshida heard the school bell ring a flash of fear and surprise came over her. She could have sworn that she had left home early enough to arrive at school on time. The wondering however took a back seat to the more visceral thought that she needed to start running if she didn’t want to get into trouble. However all of those troubling thoughts vanished as she crossed the school gate before it closed.

When she entered the classroom she received a shocked look from both Shana and Yuji that scared Kazumi in a way that made the prospect of arriving late to school more trivial than last week‘s weather report. Her attention was diverted by the arrival of the home room teacher silently prodded Kazumi to her seat where she was unable to ask the reason behind her friend’s surprise. Her stewing worry only continued when she was hand a note indirectly from Shana that only said “Meet me on the roof during lunch.” The next few hours felt unbearable in a way that school rarely was for a decent student like Kazumi.

When Lunch period finally did arrive she headed for the door before either of her concerned friends did, even brushing off a request to eat lunch with the usual group of friends from Ike. She stood nervously against the roof fence as Shana opened the door to the roof. Yuji’s face was turned slightly the side as to avoid Kazumi’s gaze while Shana faced her directly but with a hint of sorrow in her face.

“Kazumi, you’re a torch.” Shana said

“How could that happen? I don’t feel any differently than I would normally.” Kazumi said.

“Torches don’t know anything happened. I didn’t know I was a torch until I met Shana.” Yuji said.

“I thought I would have known about it since I have that ring that Khamsin gave me that allows me to move inside that space that freezes people.” Kazumi said. She searched her pockets and school bag to show Shana and Yuji that there concern was in fact nothing more than a horrible joke. Her search grew gradually more frantic with it ending in her emptying it’s contents on the ground and searching among the spilled books and papers for the ring. “It’s true, isn’t it? I’m going to disappear right?” Tears fell on her school books.

“I’m sorry Yoshida san, I just thought that you should know the truth.” Shana said.

Kazumi lifted her head and offered a fake smile. “You should head back to class. I’ll pick up my things and head back a little later.” she said.

Shana and Yuji stood still for a second before turninng back for the door.

“ Did you have to tell Yoshida san that she was a torch? You saw how hard she took the news.” Yuji said.

“Yuji you forget. Yoshida is already dead. All that is left is a remnant forged from the power of existence.” Shana replied.

“I can’t believe you would say something like that.”

“Yuji didn’t mean it like that. Your different from most torches.”

“Because of the Reiji Maigo?”

“It’s not just that.” Shana trailed off as she was still afraid to say the next few words that came to mind. The pair had also reached the bottom of the staircase and the topic of torches was one that was not to be spoken in general company.

The lunch period was like a slightly cratered minefield where everyone stood still for fear that their next comment would set off the next verbal explosive. This behavior extend to the rest of the group of friends, even Ogata and Ike who could not even dram of the cause of the situation.

The rest of the school retained that spirit even if no one could formally speak with the others due to class. Shana and Yuji cast nervous glances at Kazumi wondering how she might be holding up. At the end of the day it was Kazumi that approached Yuji who was still in his desk.

“Sakai kun, There is a new store by the bridge that I would like to go to. If it isn’t that much trouble I would like to visit it with you.”

Yuji simply looked back with a reassuring but weak smile. “Sure I would love to go with you.” He felt that he was in no position to refuse Kazumi’s request given that now that there would be few chances to spend time with her. He stood up and began to put his books in order and when he sensed Shana’s approach he said “Shana I have somewhere to go this afternoon. Training will be about an hour late.”

Rather than answer Yuji Shana turned her attention to Kazumi and repeated the often heard refrain of “I won’t lose that was said whenever either Shana or Kazumi gained a leg up in their battle for Yuji Sakai’s heart.

Kazumi replied with downcast eyes “Don’t worry Shana-chan you’ve already won.”

The words made Shana turn her head in shame “Have a good time.” She said weakly.

The pair left the classroom as Shana stood there saying nothing. As they walked through the city Kazumi led Yuji by the hand, a tactic which was forward in a way that she usually wasn’t. He wondered why Kazumi didn’t ask to bring Shana along. “Girl are the one that you take clothes shopping” He thought.

That thought was countermanded when found out what kind of clothes shopping it was. “Why are we shopping for swim suits? It’s late September.” Yuji asked.

“If you buy them in the fall you can get them a great price to wear next summer.” Kazumi said as she placed another swimsuit against her body as if to ask Yuji’s opinion on how it would look on her. The explanation didn’t sit right with Yuji but pointing out that she was a torch was beyond impolite and so he said nothing.

After clothes shopping the pair walked through town visiting a couple of spots that made the trip seem more like an impromptu date. All the while Kazumi walked beside Yuji clutching on to his arm. When sunset approached Yuji and Kazumi found themselves standing next the Misaki river which at the time shone a sunset gold. Kazumi turned to Yuji with her eyes closed. She stood on her toes and her lips met his. She wrapped her arms around him and pressed tightly against Yuji. It was only when he noticed that she was trying to put her tongue in his mouth that he began to back away.

“Kazumi. I do think it is right to go so fast.” Yuji said.

“But Sakai kun.” Kazumi replied. She relented as well.

“I have training with Shana.” Yuji said.

“But why. You can always train with her. I won’t be around for much longer.” Kazumi said.

Yuji winced. He knew that what she said was true but that something just didn’t feel right. With the atmosphere spoiled the only thing that he felt that he could do was to back away and to thank Kazumi for the afternoon. “I don’t know. I just don’t know. He thought to himself on the way home.

End chapter 1

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